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What Is A Plunge Pool? Backyard Swimming Pool …

 · They can be installed on or off a deck, in-ground, above-ground or semi in-ground. Plunge pools are extremely versatile and can be tailored to fit your outdoor living space. Many homeowners have found that a plunge pool is a perfect addition to fill out their backyard and complete the space.
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plunge pool is versatile enough to seamlessly slot into any backyard’s landscape design. Use tiles to create an in-ground plunge pool with steps that allow for perching and paddling, then surround it with exotic planting like palms, ferns and birds of If you
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25 Plunge Pools To Enjoy The Summer
Types Plunge pool designs come in three main types: in-ground, above ground, or partially in-ground. The process you’ll choose depends largely on your aesthetic wants, your property, and your budget. In-ground plunge pools are the most popular because they tend to look sleeker and more professional.
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Plunge pools: what you need to know
Plunge pools are one of the biggest trends in swimming pool design for the last couple of years, and, according to landscape and pool designer Dave Franklin of Franklin Landscape & Design, this is a movement that’s only going to continue to grow.Loved for their
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With our range of In-Ground Spas & Plunge Pools you can choose to place your spa either partially or fully in the ground, often a much more integrated and elegant look than a spa simply sitting on top of a deck or patio. The custom installation options also allow
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28 Refreshing plunge pools that are downright dreamy

 · Plunge pools adds a refreshing element to your outdoor space, a fantastic way to expand the overall living space of your home and are more cost-efficient than a larger pool. The small size will allow for faster heating of your pool, or if you live in a warm climate, they will just heat up faster.
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The ideal swimming pool for homeowners with small backyards or who want a pool connected to the house, plunge pools are one of the most popular pool styles in Sydney, especially in the Inner West. Since our establishment in 1983, Premier Pools has delivered thousands of quality concrete plunge pools for homeowners and has an enviable reputation as one of the top pool builders in Sydney.
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The Palladium Plunge Pool
The Palladium Plunge One of our larger plunge pools, this provides an attractive option for those interested in relaxation with seating options as well as the use of spa jets or swim flow systems. Compact styling. Full features.
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The 5 Different Types of In Ground Swimming Pools
 · A newer in ground pool configuration uses the sustainable practice of upcycling metal shipping containers to form a swimming pool. It’s less expensive than a fully equipped in-ground pool, and some models have the added advantage of portability – you can take it with you when you move.
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How Much Does a Plunge Pool Cost?
 · A plunge pool is perfect if you have limited space or don’t have the budget for a full-size, in-ground alternative. The average basin measures between 6 by …
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 · River Pools in Virginia estimates $4,000 to $12,000 for an above-ground pool and $30,000 to $70,000 for an in-ground pool. The wide in-ground price range is due to the many types of swimming pools, so your desired specifications will determine the final cost.
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Below Ground Garden Pools
Small in-ground pools are an amazing addition to any garden – perfect for entertaining, exercising, or relaxing for the family. A smart alternative to the traditional garden pool, the Endless Pool requires less maintenance, heats more affordably, and preserves more of …
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Above Ground Converted Swimming Pool If you happen to already have an above ground swimming pool but you want something inground, you can simply convert your existing pool to an inground model. This takes a bit of work but it can be done by just about anyone and it saves you thousands over buying a new inground pool.
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Plunge pools: small is beautiful
Plunge pools can be installed above ground or in-ground, and are usually made from a fibreglass shell or constructed on site from concrete. In terms of dimensions, plunge pools tend to be between 2.85 and 7 metres long, with depths up to 1.42 metres, lending themselves to many water activities and perfect for gentle relaxation.
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Learn More About Plunge Pools
A plunge pool is a small, deep pool built for cooling off and invigorating the skin and body. Here at Anthony & Sylvan, it is our mission to help homeowners find the perfect pool option for their backyard. Read on to learn more about plunge pools and see if they are the
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How to build an inexpensive above ground plunge …

Well, we found a great solution – why not build your own inexpensive pool! Now if backyard space and maintenance is a concern, this here’s a very simple DIY above ground plunge pool that you can enjoy for years! This DIY pool is simply made of a bulk container
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The Fiji Plunge
Our version of the “plunge pool” for those looking to have a pool for relaxation, relief and enjoyment. Compact. Joyful comfort. Fiji Plunge 10 9’6″ by 6’11” 9′ 6″ Long 6′ 11″ Wide 4′ 5″ Flat bottom depth What makes the Fiji Plunge right for you? Ask for a quote