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Crypto Exchange Breach: Cryptopia Hack Details
Today we take a detailed look at the Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange hack. A major New Zealand Cryptocurrency Exchange with over 2M users (source), Cryptopia , announced unscheduled maintenance on the 13th of January which caused a problem that their users could not log in, deposit or withdraw cryptocurrency assets.
Cryptopia Limited Files for US Bankruptcy Protection Following Massive Hack in Early 2019

NZ Police Investigate Crypto Exchange Cryptopia …

New Zealand police are investigating the hack of cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia, which resulted in “significant losses” that some estimate could amount to more than US$3.5 million. Christchurch company Cryptopia, which has been said to be operating New Zealand’s largest cryptocurrench exchange, shut down its website and exchange services on January 14 citing a security breach.
Hacked Exchange Cryptopia Was in Breach of AML Requirements - ICO Talk News

Cryptopia Hack: Police Allows Exchange to Resume …

After the hack that saw over $16.2 million illegally stolen from New Zealand’s hacked cryptocurrency exchange, police in New Zealand has given the go-ahead to Cryptopia, a crypto exchange that was recently hacked, to reopen and start operating at any time it’s ready, according to a report on Wed February 13, 2019, by the New Zealand Herald, a local news outlet.
Cryptopia Exchange din Noua Zeelandă. victimă a unui hack

After Cryptopia Hack, 2,000 Wallets Still Might be at …

Following the first reported hack in 2019, on New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia, there is a significant lack of information publicly available about the aftermath. Currently, around 2,000 wallets remain on the exchange with a total of around 380 ETH, which is around USD 46,000, and they still might be at risk, according to Max Galka.

Is the Cryptopia hack still ongoing?
The company asserts, “In our investigation of the Cryptopia hack, posted last week, we highlighted that thousands of Cryptopia wallets may still be at risk. We were right.” Elementus goes on to say that another 17,000 wallets on the exchange have lost around 1,675 ETH, currently worth approximately $180,000.
Will Cryptopia Finally Reopen After $16M Hack?

Cryptopia Hack Update: While Police Investigation …

Cryptopia hack raises the question over exchange security, police investigation continued Clive Cousins who is the lawyer in Christchurch said that, in the year 2018, few investors reached out to him, inquiring the status of their funds on Cryptoia. “We were , who
Elementus Report: Cryptopia loses $16 million worth Crypto Assets

Cryptocurrency News: Cryptopia Readying for Re-launch …

Cryptopia users can now log in to cancel their open orders before the full re-launch Cryptopia heist could be an inside job More secure systems needed for cryptocurrency exchange platforms On March 11, the cryptopia exchange announced that users can now cancel old orders as they prepare for a full re-launch of its platform after the $20 million assets hack.
Cryptopia Reopens After $16M Hack With Read-Only Website

Cryptopia Crypto Exchange Lost 9.4% of its Holdings …

New Zealand (NZ)-based crypto exchange giant Cryptopia has issued an update concerning how much funds were lost during the hack of January 2019. According to the latest update, the company sat down and calculated all its holdings in a worst-case scenario and discovered 9.4% of their total crypto assets were lost to malevolent hackers.
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Cryptopia Hacked Archives
Cryptopia hack raises the question over Following the major loss from Hacked Cryptopia crypto exchange, about 40 people trying to reclaim their funds, New Zealand media reported. Cryptopia is the first exchange to suffer hack crises in the year 2019. Following
Cryptopia Lost Almost a Tenth of Its Assets in January Hack - The Bitcoin News

First Reported Exchange Hack of the Year (UPDATED)

Hackers are getting more sophisticated every day, and the Cryptopia hack is evidence that this trend will continue into 2019. Its critical that consumers use these hacks as learning opportunities and proactively protect themselves by taking direct control of their assets,” Eric Larchevêque, CEO of Ledger, a hardware wallet manufacturer, said.
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Crypto Hack Takes Crypto Exchange Cryptopia Offline

Another crypto hack has plagued the cryptocurrency space. This time, the New Zealand-based Cryptopia found itself at the center of it. The cryptocurrency exchange announced the news via the company’s Twitter this morning, stating it “suffered a security breach which resulted in …
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Cryptopia experienced a weird hack
Cryptopia experienced the most unusual hack, losing $16 million worth of Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens only. Did the team have problems with security? Somebody has stolen more than $16 million worth of Ether and various ERC-20 tokens in the security breach of New Zealand-based exchange Cryptopia.
Cryptopia hack: nagyobb lehet a baj. mint eddig gondoltuk | Kripto Akadémia

Hackers Targeted Cryptopia Exchange Despite the …

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Cryptopia Hack/Liquidation
 · Cryptopia was hack and now they want to get back to it by hacking the users wallet. If you are not following news/report just to remind you Cryptopia shut down and site is closed you can not withdraw coins from site. When they open withdraw probably would be
$16 Million Now Believed to Have Been Stolen in ‘Weird’ Cryptopia Hack - The Bitcoin News

Binance Foils Cryptopia Hacker by Freezing Stolen …

Cryptopia said Tuesday in a tweet: Zhao Creates His Own Debacle The day after Cryptopia announced the hack, Zhao posted a message on Twitter that received considerable backlash. In that tweet, he appeared to advise crypto holders to store their holdings on exchanges instead of on personal storage devices like USB drives or hardware wallets.
Expert: Police Hardly Able to Solve Cryptopia Hack Case. Police: Hackers Never Came Back for Second Attack

Police Launch Investigation Into $3.6 Million Cryptopia …

New Zealand police force has opened investigations into the alleged hack of exchange Cryptopia, where criminals stole at least $3.6 million On January 13, up to $3.6 million in crypto assets was transferred to an unknown digital wallet from Cryptopia without
تحقیقات در زمینه‌ی هک صرافی Cryptopia همچنان ادامه دارد | کوینیت
Cryptopia hackers stopped by Binance
The Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange out of New Zealand became the most recent target of hackers. By the time the attack was discovered, thieves had reportedly been able to get away with Ether and Centrality tokens amounting to as much as $3.65 million.
Cryptopia: $16 Millionen bei Hack gestohlen | Coin Kurier

Les cryptomonnaies d’un mort-vivant : l’ancien paradis à …

Un autre hack qui vient enfoncer le clou – L’exchange néo-zélandais Cryptopia se retrouve, une fois de plus, sous le feu des projecteurs, alors qu’il est en cours de liquidation judiciaire.En plus des 30 millions de dollars subtilisés en 2019, la plateforme aurait subi un nouveau hack le 1er février 2021.